This site is focused on the Class of 2024 of McMaster University's BHSc (Hons.) Program. Our fellow students and their interests and experiences are what make this class unique. We work to provide resources, opportunities to connect with other students, and other initiatives that bring our cohort closer.

Please contact the Year Representative should you have any questions or concerns about our projects, or to suggest initiatives that you would like us to bring to the Class of 2024.

Our Team

Here are the members of the current BHSS Second Year Council.

Council Members

Grace Xiong

Second Year Representative

Emily Liang

Academic Lead

Alexander Xiang

Academic Lead

Alex Phelps

Academic Lead

Neil Lin

Academic Lead

Ahad Daudi

Spirit Lead

Andy Zhu

Media Lead

Tiffany Yu

Yearbook Lead

Daniel Kwan


Ayesha Umair

Director of Website

Trisha Chibber


Nyah Shah

Wellness Lead

Ishaq Siddiqui

Spirit Lead

Dimitri Deris


Academic Team

Isabel Bae

Megan Liang

Daniel Del Rosso

Ronnie Du

Spirit Team

Shakil Popatia

Elena Tataru

Michael Wang

Jayhan Kherani

Grace Cheung

Harasees Singh

Yearbook Team

Mythili Thatparananthan

Aisling Zeng

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A copy of the code for this website is freely available on GitHub. Feel free to take code from it and play around with it as much as you like. This website was created using HTML/CSS/JS, specifically Bootstrap 4, and hosted using Firebase. If you have questions or concerns about it, or just want to learn more about programming sites like this one, you can reach out to me at umaira1@mcmaster.ca.